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Jonathan Byrd’s

When you host an event, you're presenting yourself, your family or your company to others, so it's important that your name be represented well.

At Jonathan Byrd's, we'll help you do just that. After all, our company was built on the name of a man who believed in doing a quality job—always. We continue to represent his legacy – and his name – every time we cater an event.

The name Jonathan Byrd's has become synonymous with good food. We offer a wide menu selection with everything from homemade Byrd family favorites, such as our popular fried chicken and all its dressings... to more upscale hors d'oeuvres and entrees, such as lobster, prime rib and roast beef au jus.

Simple or exquisite... disposables or fine china... finger foods or fancy dishes... whatever you choose, we'll serve it up with a helping of hospitality that will make you glad you chose Jonathan Byrd's for your special occasion.