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Jonathan Byrd’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees to rent the banquet hall?

There is not an additional fee to rent the facility for a reception. It is included in the cost per person. The only exceptions that may apply are for parties with less than 80 guests.

Does Jonathan Byrd’s perform ceremonies in its banquet hall?

Yes, we do offer that as an option and can recommend an officiant if you need one. The fee for splitting the hall starts at $600 and goes up from there depending on your needs.

How much is the deposit?

A Saturday reception requires a non-refundable $2,000 deposit. A Friday or Sunday reception requires a non-refundable $1,000 deposit. The deposit is applied towards the event balance. If there is a change in event, deposits can be transferred one time to another date/event without any additional fees.

Does Jonathan Byrd’s cater to specialized food or service requests?

Yes, we are committed to making you a memorable meal, including accommodating specialized food or service needs. Specialized menus may require individual pricing as needed. We also offer complimentary single serving plated meals to those with special dietary needs like vegetarian or gluten free.

How long is the banquet hall available for a reception or event?

Our standard package allows for a four-hour long event plus the availability of the hall approximately one hour before the start time for set up and decorations. You may book the hall for a longer period of time for an additional fee.

Does Jonathan Byrd’s handle all table settings, including setting out place cards and favors?

Yes, for receptions held at our banquet hall only, we handle all table settings, place cards and favors. We'll also set up centerpieces for you but request you set up one table as a demonstration for us. If the decorations are not complex, there is no extra charge for the set-up. More elaborate, time-consuming decorations may require an additional charge.

What will the wait staff wear?

Our staff wears black slacks, a black button up shirt, a black vest and a black tie.

Does Jonathan Byrd’s offer a bar service?

Yes, we do—both on and off-site.

Are we allowed to keep the remaining food?

No. Any remaining food is donated to Second Helpings to feed the homeless in Indianapolis.

When do we need to give the final head count and pay the final balance?

Both the head count and the final balance are due 21 days prior to your event. At that time, you will be locked in at that number of guests. However, you are allowed to add guests up to the day before your event. No personal checks will be accepted 45 days prior to the event. The total balance is to be paid by certified funds (credit card, cash, money order).

Do you allow outside cake to be brought in for the reception?

Yes, but the cake must be from a licensed bakery. We do not allow food of any kind from someone's personal kitchen as it is against health department regulations. Please keep in mind the benefits to having Jonathan Byrd's bake your wedding cake: Not only will it be kept fresh in our cooler until right before your event, you won't have to worry about transporting it or it being damaged during delivery. Additionally, there is no cake-cutting fee if Jonathan Byrd's provides the cake. There is a $.50 per person charge cake-cutting fee for cakes from outside bakeries.

If we choose to have bar service, when will it be open and closed?

The bar will be open when your event begins, with the last call for alcohol 30 minutes prior to the end of the event. Extended bar service is available for an additional fee. Host bars run for four hours; whereas there is no time limit on cash bars. The bar has a set time to open and close.

Can Jonathan Byrd’s arrange for the rental of specialty china, linens, tables, chairs and tenting if needed?

Yes, we can arrange for the rental of those items according to your specific wishes.